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Are You An Extravert Or An Introvert?

Why is it worth taking the time to identify whether you’re an extravert or an introvert? Well, extraversion and introversion are at the heart of human nature. Making choices that support your nature will help you tap in your energy and potential, and cope better during times of stress.

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Emotional Connection - The Key To Lasting Love

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of our cultural myth that if we only find Mr or Miss Right, the outcome will be the passionate and secure relationship we long for. What if the relationship of your dreams isn’t so much about finding the ‘right partner’, as learning how to emotionally connect – first and foremost to yourself?

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Understanding Triggers - The Path To A New You

A few weeks into 2012 and have you struggled to stick to your New Year’s resolutions – or given up completely? Understanding your personal 'triggers' can help you change your old habits and reactions – and achieve what you want in the year(s) ahead.

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