Most people come to the Technique for help with physical problems but there are also psychological benefits.
Conditions the Technique can alleviate:

  • - Back pain – see BMJ Research
  • - Problems arising from muscle tension
  • - Repetitive strain injuries and work-related pain
  • - Osteoporosis
  • - Migraine or tension headaches
  • - Wellbeing in later life
  • - Breathing difficulties
  • - Eating disorders
  • - Stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • - Low mood and depression
You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension. (FM Alexander)


The Alexander Technique is a practical skill for improving posture in activity, reducing pain and chronic tension, managing stress and anxiety, and developing mindfulness.
The Technique is proven to be effective. Trials published by theBritish Medical Journal (BMJ) in 2007 showed that lessons in the Technique provide better long-term benefits for people with chronic or recurrent back pain than other forms of care, including physiotherapy and massage.
Lessons in the Technique make you more aware of your postural habits and patterns of excess tension and how to change these habits, giving a sense of lightness and poise. You can then apply the Technique to any activity to help you do it better, whether that’s sitting at a computer or playing golf.
Other benefits of the Technique are similar to regular meditation. The Technique brings about an inner quietness that leads to improved general well-being – including better eating habits, sleep and energy levels, less anxiety, and the ability to STOP and respond, rather than react habitually, to stress triggers.
  • Body Learning: the Alexander Technique - A series of podcasts devoted to all aspects of the Alexander Technique, for example how the Technique relates to and can help with eating disorders, sexuality, pain management etc.