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Relationship Struggles

We have the idea in our culture that if you’re with the right person, your relationship should be loving, peaceful and passionate. But what if relationships are meant to be a struggle? It’s how we deal with that struggle that will determine whether we become more entrenched in our power struggle or grow into intimate relationship. Psychotherapy and Alexander Technique offer tools for more successful relationship with ourselves and others.

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Beyond Anxiety

Most of us suffer excessive anxiety. This can effect our confidence and self esteem, our ability to connect with others, and our openness and energy to do things we want to do. Anxiety is also an underlying issue in other problems, such as addictions and eating disorders, depression and often in relationships. A course in psychotherapy and/or the Alexander Technique can help.

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Assertive Communication

Do you find it hard to communicate negative feelings in relationships? When we feel tension in a relationship, most of us resort to a habitual communication style that tends to be either passive or aggressive. This article, quiz and short video present a more empowering alternative – learning to be assertive.

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