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Outgrow Your Food Issues

Today, more of us than ever are struggling with our eating and weight. For some – young women in particular - what starts out as a ‘diet mentality’ progresses over time until a line is crossed from diet to disorder. Psychotherapy and the Alexander Technique are the best methods available for developing a healthy, happy relationship with your body and with food.

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Life Crisis - Finding Inner Guidance

Have you ever faced a ‘limit situation’? This is the striking phrase coined by psychiatrist and philosopher Karl Jaspers to describe a situation in life that we would like to change but either can’t, or are limited in our power to do so. Limit situations challenge us to learn to engage with and attend to our emotions on a deeper level if we are to cope with them effectively.

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Overcoming Social Anxiety

Do you find socializing is not always as easy and relaxed as you’d like it to be? Do you sometimes feel awkward and self-conscious around people, for brief moments or more persistently? Do you want to be invited to social events, but then on the night sometimes feel you’d rather stay at home? If so, you may be suffering from some degree of 'social anxiety'.

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